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413 points of damage in 16 seconds: the awesome power of Hyperdrive 12/27/2017

With 1:07 remaining in the match, THEREALSKINNYBILLY had a 1-0 lead in health bars, taken zero damage, and Manbearpig plus Astronaut Butters  working for him. Seven seconds later, he had cast Dogpoo *and* Warboy Tweek to accelerate his side’s attack.

At 0:45, the battle turned. ALBERTWHITINGFOX — when I opened a Google Play account, I chose a cat icon (I thought it was a fox) and named the account Albert Whiting Fox after one of Capablanca’s opponents in 1905 — Pigeon Gang, Nelly, and Dogpoo took down Manbearpig.

The fight moved to center court, and at 0:23, Enforcer Jimmy emerged from the skirmish alone.

Two seconds later, I cast Mimsy. At 0:20, I had to send Astronaut Butters to wipe out that asshole Barrel Dougie.

With 12 seconds left, Mimsy and Enforcer Jimmy finally scored for my side, and then at 0:10 HYPERDRIVE.

In five seconds, Mimsy, Enforcer Jimmy, and Astronaut Butters on Hyperdrive did 169 points of damage to tie the match 1-1 at 0:05.

In the last five seconds of regulation plus six seconds of the overtime, my troops laid in 244 more points in damage to win the match.

That’s 413 points of damage in 16 seconds.


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