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Against mind control, fight with the smallest minds 03/03/2018

layer-26When the makers of South Park Phone Destroyer nullified the green spell Purify, the orange mind control cards went nuclear.

Blue is the ideal victim of mind control because blue does the most damage in the short time the mind control is in effect (Sally and Heidi have no special power, they just hit hard and fast; a buffed Bucaneer Bebe under mind control is bad news).

Blue has answers to Cyborg Kenny and Mecha Timmy in the direct damage spells, but *not* Shaman Token, who can’t remove effects from traitorous minds.

Advantage: Mind control

Orange can fight mind control with the Mind Control spell, but the dedicated brainwashers play with three mindwarp cards against one.

Advantage: Mind control

Red is slightly less pained than blue by mind control because its fighters’ powers are mostly warcried.

Advantage: Mind control

Green had an instant, lowest-cost solution in Purify, so effective that it acted as a deterrent. But the game makers doubled its cost and narrowed its scope and range.

Advantage: Mind control

Decks with mind control cards outnumber decks without them 3-to-1. Sample size of 80, but I think you should be convinced that there is a ridiculous imbalance.

Sally held my most flexible card slot, where I tried to fight mind control with Arrowstorm (insufficient to knock out level 4 Mecha), Mind Control (outnumbered), and Shaman (designed not to work). For two cycles, I played my blue pirate crew with its Purify, and a 2-cost Purify is overwhelmed by the sudden, much-increased need for it.

My latest attempt is Rat Swarm. When Rat Swarm takes out Cyborg, Kenny’s deathwish affects one rat. When Rat Swarm targets Mecha, Timmy’s mindzap is limited to the nearest enemy: one rat. And in the worst case where mind control steals an assassin, rats are among the best counters to enemy assassins.

This worked so well at first and second that the four-hour PvP refresh cycle becomes annoying, because I want to test it again.

Applying the same logic, I might replace Lightning Bolt with Pigeon Gang, though Lightning is 300 points of prevention before the cure.

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