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By association, Charles Barkley’s 1993 Phoenix Suns played little girly basketball, according to Charles Barkley 12/02/2016

sunslog_1TNT troll Charles Barkley got some attention Thursday for saying about the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors: “I’m never going to like that little girly basketball where you have to outscore people.”

Folks are in a tizzy because 1) Barkley said “little girly basketball” like it’s a bad thing, and 2) Barkley equated the darling Warriors with the bad thing.

He’s just projecting. Because what did our 1993 Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns do? We outscored people. #1 in OffRtg, #9 in DefRtg, 2nd to the Bulls in the Finals.

I’ve watched many girls play harder, and tougher defensively, than Charles Barkley did as a Sun. For instance, when Griner sets her mind to it, she’s one of the best defenders to play in The Arena That Charles Built. (When the Suns opened America West Arena in 1992, revitalizing downtown Phoenix, and hopefully signaling a new era for Phoenix Suns basketball, the brass looked at our pretty new building and the conversation was something like: “We have to decorate with a championship banner.” “We have to get us a Charles Barkley.” It was supposed to be a year like none other: New building, new coach, new Charles Barkley. Unfortunately, same old Michael Jordan.)

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