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Chess tournament named after my favorite guitar composer 03/31/2017

The Kolty Chess Club in Campbell, Calif., names its tournaments thematically. One year the events were named after mountain ranges, another year Beethoven compositions.

This year the Kolty tournaments are named for classical guitar composers. They’re in the midst of the Ferdinando Carulli tournament — Carulli’s my favorite composer for guitar, so I had to drag myself down there to play in this one (not the first time I entered a chess tournament just for its name —mi0002862260 in Feb. 1985, the Berkeley Chess Club named its tournament the Farewell Jack Clark Open because the San Francisco Giants had just traded their All-Star right fielder to the Cardinals for a bag of magic beans).

Black’s play at moves 5 through 8 is such that the only other occurrence in the 365chess database is by a 1300-rated German boy. After 15. Nxa7, the Fruit engine figures White’s advantage is more than four pawns.

Not much to talk about, except for what didn’t happen: In case of 3…exf4 4 Nf3 g5 5 h4 g4 6 Ng5 h6 7 Nxf7 Kxf7 8 d4 d5, following Corzo-Capablanca 8th match game 1901, what was I going to do? I’ve annotated that game several times for print, but always from young Capablanca’s point of view; I was going to have to find an improvement for Corzo over the board.

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