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Contradicter in chief 01/25/2018

I don’t know yet where to find the most influential blog to deny climate change, but I knew exactly where to locate its most prominent opposition:

That followed one of his all-time classics:

In fact:
The polar ice caps are at an all-time low.
The polar bear population has never been weaker.
Global warming is everywhere; that is, global. (“I feel very strongly about the environment,” Trump said Jan. 10 in a joint press conference with the Norwegian prime minister.

That was the only tweet he’s made regarding the sea bear, which is what I’ll see in the blogs maintained by his fellow deniers.

According to a study published in the American Institute of Biological Sciences journal, Internet writings by climate change disclaimers are identifiable by their lack of attention to the polar bears, the “poster species” for the consequences of global warming.

Among the contributors to that study are Dr. Steven Amstrup, who directed the Polar Bear Research Group for 30 years following its inception; and Dr. Ian Stirling, who’s known as “the godfather of polar bear research”.

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