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Dropped Manbearpig twice before winning in sudden death 12/17/2017

layer-36My pirate gang took down Manbearpig twice before winning in sudden death

Heavy-underdog teams need almost everything to go right.

Pirate Ship Timmy hit him with one cannonball before Manbearpig crushed him. With three enemies on the field, Hookhand Clyde beat the odds to hit the pig. Bard Jimmy decreased its health once before dying, and respawned to do it again. Nelly did spin damage to the pig plus an enemy I couldn’t even see behind it, then Smuggler Ike charged through to finish it off before reaching the pig. Captain Wendy was 6-for-6 on consecutive triple shots. Buccaneer Bebe stayed out of Manbearpig’s reach and gained strength by killing others before peppering the bacon. Deckhand Butters contributed his deathwish. I was dragging Lightning Bolt toward Nathan when the damn pig showed up — then a combination of angry Sheriff Cartman, arrow shots from Bebe, and a phone zap knocked Nathan out instead.

And after felling Manbearpig two times, there was still the other new kid to kill.

That was fun. A real team win, basketball coaches like to say.

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