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Games no. 79 for the 1985 and 2017 San Francisco Giants 06/26/2017

2296San Francisco Giants game no. 79 in 2017: The Giants (28-51) beat the Rockies 9-2 to open a three-game series at home. Colorado lost their sixth straight (after sweeping the Giants in Denver the week before), and have dropped from 1st to 3rd in the NL West.

San Francisco’s 1-2-3-4 hitters were 10-for-17 with six runs scored and 10 RBI. (It was odd to think the Rockies were thinking “oh boy, now we can catch a break in a pitchers’ park like AT&T”.)

Games behind the 62-100 1985 Giants: 2

July 5, 1985: July was the Giants’ best month in 1985, in which they were 13-14, while the Cubs were one of three teams against whom the Giants played .500 ball, so that Independence Weekend series leaned toward the visitors from San Francisco.

On July 5, the Giants (30-49) beat the Cubs 12-6. 2B Manny Trillo was 3-for-5, including two hits in the Giants’ seven-run 7th inning. 3B Chris Brown was 4-for-5, on his way to Rookie of the Year consideration as one of the things worth watching that season. Chris Brown was the 1985 version of Austin Slater.

Cubs RP Dick Ruthven gave up three hits and two runs in the 8th. Remember Dick Ruthven? He was from Fremont, attended Irvington HS, then Fresno State.

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