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Games no. 82 for the 1985 and 2017 San Francisco Giants 06/30/2017

2296San Francisco Giants game no. 82 in 2017: The 2017 Giants (31-51) caught the 1985 Giants by beating Pittsburgh 13-5. SF had 18 hits; Span-Panik-Pence were on base 14 times in the 1-2-3 spots. Rookie Ryder Jones got his first hit to make it 1-for-18 in his career; rookie P Dan Slania pitched a perfect 9th in his MLB debut. Winning pitcher Johnny Cueto was in trouble all night, but wriggled out of jams in four of five innings, and that’s what makes him a $20 million guy.

The Giants have won four straight, and some nitwits are talking about getting back into the race. The Giants could go 40-10, and that would leave them five or so games behind the Rockies for wild card #2.

Games behind the ’85 team that lost 100 games: 0 Hooray!

July 8, 1985: St. Louis beat San Francisco (31-51) 6-1. All-star Joaquin Andujar improved to 15-3 for giving up 12 hits but just one run. The Cardinals smacked loser Dave LaPoint for 11 hits in 5-plus; the only Card not to get a hit was Jack Clark, for whom LaPoint was traded.

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