How to Play Like Magnus Carlsen
Or at least passably well

Game 21 2015-09-01

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  1. Jon Jacobs says:

    Nice example. Three observations:

    1. Looks like it was home prep – in view of your remark about Andersson’s drawing tendencies, Magnus would have planned in advance to steer into tactical waters. So his novelty pawn sac Re1 was chess psychology at its best.

    2. While you suggest that the positions that could arise after …c5 could lead to a sterile equality, that is far from true. The asymmetrical pawn structure will keep it imbalanced (White q-side majority), even if Black were to succeed in neutralizing White’s lead in development.

    3. It’s incorrect to describe the black bishop as “bad”. It is impeded by only the e6 pawn, and (excluding tactical considerations) can easily redeploy to the long diagonal or another diagonal.

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