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I’m guessing it was James Taylor’s “Somebody’s Baby” that inspired Pat Metheny’s “James” 01/05/2017

pat-metheny-offrampIn 1982, the Pat Metheny Group made “Offramp”, which included “James”, a song inspired by Metheny hearing James Taylor on the radio. “It’s got that James Taylor-like groove,” he’s said.

I was listening to “James” in my head, when I heard around its edges Taylor’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” hit “Somebody’s Baby”. I kind of got “James”’s groove in that keyboard bit after Taylor sings “she’s got to be somebody’s baby”, and in his voice when he sings “gonna be somebody’s only light / gonna shine tonight”.

It would also make sense for “Somebody’s Baby” to be on Pat’s radio around the time of “Offramp”, because “Fast Times” was also a 1982 production.

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