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Manbearpig plus Pope Timmy = Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker plus Joan of Arc 12/29/2017

I imagine I’m more pleased with South Park: Phone Destroyer than most players for blissful ignorance. This is the first real-time battle game I’ve ever played, so I’ve got nothing for comparison — unlike the more-experienced players who think some of SPPD’s flaws are dealbreakers.
The only feature that bothers me is that messages to your opponent are limited to “Good game!”, “You bastard!” (reserved for Kenny deaths, that should be), and a set of Cartman emotes: cackling, crying, farting, others.

“South Park” is noted for fart humor and Cartman’s obnoxiousness, but it’s not what I want to see or hear at the end of a match — win, lose, or draw.

Some players who feel the same way turn off sound effects, which mutes Cartman emotes, but during the game, you can rely on hearing a character enter the game if you can’t see it.

An opponent began the Cartman jeering in the middle of a game. I wondered what he had up his sleeve, and in a few seconds he cast Manbearpig. My gang took Manbearpig down, but then the guy played Pope Timmy, which rejuvenates the character killed last — so here comes Manbearpig the Friendly Ghost.

Manbearpig is SPPD’s equivalent of old NetRunner’s Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker: a powerful card that doesn’t require a whole lot of imagination. (In this instance, an old NetRunner player will recognize Pope Timmy as Joan of Arc.)

A Reddit user pulled Manbearpig in the every-four-hours free pack, which is surprising. I’m accustomed to each free pack including 20-40 coins, 1 or 2 dollars, four or five upgrade items, perhaps one rare card, and a handful of commons. (A card of Legendary rarity in a free pack could be a bug?)

The Reddit thread continued:

“You can be like one of those Manbearpig -> Pope Timmy fags”

“I like those players. They suck hard lol”

“Fucking gay.”

Lack of punctuation, standard misuse of the abbreviation LOL, and “fags” and “gay” as pejoratives kept intact — the joy of interacting with kids, but you get my point: The Manbearpig/Pope Timmy combination fetches derision for unimaginative superpoweredness.

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