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Mimsy on Hyperdrive deals 276 points of damage 12/23/2017

Nathan and Mimsy aren’t my favorite “South Park” characters, but Jimmy and Timmy need potential foils in  the special education classroom, and Nathan and Mimsy are huge cards.
Nathan has the longest range in the game. Park him in the back corner behind blockers, and it’s bombs away.  When I have Lightning Bolt available, Nathan gets it.

Mimsy’s a powerhouse headhunter, but he’s slow as mud, so his deployment requires careful timing (if the enemy can swarm Mimsy, he might land one or two hits before falling like a tree).

I thought to solve Mimsy’s sluggishness with Hyperdrive doubling his and teammates’ speed for six seconds. It’s a huge investment in energy — 9 energy out of 10 — so it’s a significant net loss if Hypermimsy gets surrounded by assassins.

One of the best occasions for this trick just arose. Leading in health bars, I could gather energy, while opponent’s shockwave went off to clear the field. I dropped Mimsy.

The best the enemy could do to slow Mimsy down was Sheriff Cartman, whom Mimsy shoved aside to reach the other new kid. Then Nelly joined angry Cartman, as I played Hyperdrive. (A beta iteration of Hyperdrive was 3 cost for 3 seconds — 4 cost for 6 seconds is far better for enhancing one fighter, and the revised card art reflects that!).

With Nelly and Cartman on his back, Hypermimsy did 276 points of damage, wiping out the opponent’s last health bar and winning the match.

I imagine I had more fun there than the level 45 masters who are churning Regeneration.

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