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Off to fight evildoerth, in the name of truth and juthtithe 01/17/2017

“Whatcha doin’,” said Rimbaud the beaver, more observationally than inquiringly.

“I’m off to fight evildoerth, in the name of truth and juthtithe.”

“Yeth, you are thuited for the part.” Marx, whose fur was turned silver by magic, was wrapped carelessly in red and blue sheets of … something. Rimbaud thought Marx looked like the biggest piece in the deluxe box of roadside fireworks.

Rimbaud continued. “There’s birch bark and pine nuts pizztha… when you’re home from fighting evil. … Evil corporathionth, or buth fare evaderth?”

“No evil thall ethcape my thight!” said Marx, who might or might not have missed the point while performing Green Lantern dialogue. With that, Marx pivoted at his waist — a slick move for a bipedal beaver — and gestured skyward with his cape.

Rimbaud watched for the grand exit, wryly.


“Yeth, Marxth?”

“Would you record Arkanthah Thtate?”

“And remember to account for eight overtime periodth? Thure.”

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