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Peter Thiel and the secret club handshake 12/15/2016

At Trump’s summit with tech leaders, he said:

We’re going to make it a lot easier for you to trade across borders because of a lot of restrictions, a lot of problems that I think you’ll see.

Trump summons the only people in tech who might relate to him: billionaires, and — given a logical pruning — here’s what he said to them:

The logic operator in trump_sentence is “because”. A, because B.

There are two chunks in Part A:

A1) “We’re going to make it a lot easier for you”. Boil as “My administration shall ease”.

A2) “trade across borders”. There’s the bait — tech billionaires appreciate their international trade.

In Part B, Trump says lots of restrictions and problems. Bad things, let’s say.

In other words, Trump said: “My administration shall ease your global technology commerce because of bad things”.

Trump is predicting bad things. A lot of restrictions, he said. But we’ll go easier on you if you join me.

He’s selling this to people with tech money and influence: Bad things are coming — like, am I here or what!? — but my government fucks you less if you join me. Even if you don’t join us, you’re sucking my dick on the webcam.

If I were a nervous shareholder, I might urge my CEO to keep sucking Trump’s dick — the networked Russians helped put Trump where he is; if they’re not already winning in network intelligence, how much easier does it get after Trump takes office?

Steve Jobs might have said the emperor’s wearing no clothes, and he wants us to suck his dick on his Android.

Eh, who needs Steve Jobs when there’s Peter Thiel and the secret club handshake.

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