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Portmanteau 02/28/2018

layer-15My chess teacher, after reviewing countless amateur games, has observed “the loser gets the last check”.

When a chess game is fairly decided, some losers make one last check  (the old saying goes “always check, it might be mate”, but it never is) to delay the inevitable, or sometimes just for spite. We call those “spite checks”.

South Park Phone Destroyer losers have “spite Lightning Bolts” and “spite Fireballs”, thrown at the winning new kid to say “OK, you win, I’m laying down my arms, so send in your Dougie to finish it” or “screw you and your Pope Manbearpig, you unimaginative cheeseball”.

I said on the PvP Facebook group: “Chessplayers have spite checks. SPPD players have spite lightning bolts”. A guy named Bob Robinson replied: “spitening bolt”.

Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.


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