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Shaman Token: the “new Purify” 02/25/2018

The South Park Phone Destroyer software update last week caused irreparable harm to the game’s community. Some walked away, some demanded recompense for time and money lost, some will never trust RedLynx/Ubisoft again.

This YouTube video  covers it completely and admirably, with the knowledge of a top player and a community moderator.

layer-8For those who stayed, the immediate impact was that the cards whose enemies were Purify and Power Bind (ruined by the update) came out of hiding.

Purple — the color of poison — is the trendy color for spring. Without a 1-cost antidote in Purify, fighters are collapsing dead in midfield, and it’s shocking for a match to end in defeat when your new kid dies of poisoning while the melee is on the other end of the floor.

Mind control was already a bitch. My last 12 matches against decks with mind control cards went 5-6-1, and that’s improvement.

I think when Cyborg Kenny is coming for new kid, let him come. It’s pointless to kill the fucker, so your own unit can kill you. Save the energy — with luck, you can phone zap Cyborg Kenny to death, and if he takes a health bar, you might have a counterpush in store.

If you can’t nuke Mecha Timmy, I think you have to do nothing until he rolls close enough to meet him in the middle.

The best option is to have the Mind Control spell on hand (though it’s expensive to use, and especially *not* to use), which I might try again if Shaman Token doesn’t work out (in place of Bandita Sally).

Shaman Token rates to be an addition to the “meta deck”, as a substitute for Purify — less reliable than Purify, but can occasionally beat up bad guys.

If Shaman Token were as pokey as AWESOM-O, that would be preferable. As it is, he goes rushing to the front to get killed before he has time to charge. If he is charged, you’re hoping the enemy’s pain comes before the charge dissipates. There’s also the an odd thing to learn: Not firing his charge when it’s unneeded. With the ranged cards, you have some visual reminder to not expend their ability if no one’s in range. With Shaman Token, who’s generally in the middle of a melee, it’s a skill to acquire.

On the plus side, Shaman Token is a common. Moving him from level 1 to level 4 cost about 2500 coins, a bloody bargain compared to the epic Program Stan, for which I just spend 8400 PvP coupons to reach 15/25 — 10 more Program Stans to acquire, and the leveling cost to go.

Since Stan of Many Moons was the only very rare card to improve noticeably from the update, Program Stan gets contempt for being the least-scalable of the Stans. This doesn’t faze me — others already scoff because I leveled Freeze Ray to level 4. They’ll jeer again when I push Ice Sniper Wendy to 4, because she’s the least-desirable Wendy as far as the consensus goes.

Maybe I’m doing opponents a service, by giving them something to fight that isn’t — yawn — Zen Cartman, Mecha Cyborg, Aliens, or Manbearpig.

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