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The necessity of modifying PvE decks 12/22/2017

I read that South Park: Phone Destroyer players manage two decks — one for player vs. player, and another for player vs. environment.layer-21

I wondered if that was some kind of affectation, but I’ve learned that it’s a necessity. While PvP decks are the best one can put together for that  form of the game, PvE must be ever-changing according to the environment.

My pirate band was being slaughtered by Pocahontas Randy (the Randy cards that spawn fighters are most intriguing) and his archers repeatedly, and I thought I might never earn the three arrowheads in that loot locker. I determined that I had to add green healing cards to the blue pirate bunch.

Captain Wendy out, Angel Wendy in. Smuggler Ike out, Friar Jimmy in. Pirate Ship Timmy out, Regeneration in. Barrel Dougie out, Energy Staff in.Assassins didn’t stand a chance against snipers, so it was easy to swap Smuggler Ike and Barrel Dougie.

The result was sort of ridiculous. After new kid has five or six allies on the field — with Buccaneer Bebe and Angel Wendy in the protection pocket — it meant that Regeneration was always in the draw pile. Regenerate repeatedly, while Angel Wendy and Friar Jimmy worked the same magic.

I’ve got a better picture of why the SPPD community wants green cards to be reworked (though as soon as Purity was “fixed”, people complained — it’s a no-win for the developers).

Along with arrowheads in the blue environment. I now have to pluck prayer beads from the green.  The orange I’ve been wanting to buff for weeks is unattended, but I can see myself going full orange when the astronaut helmet reappears in the Butters shop.

I’ve played against one opponent wearing the astronaut suit plus helmet. He looks boss.

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