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Which character receives the most benefit from Hyperdrive? 12/20/2017

I’ll play cards just for their art. Reconnaissance from the first NetRunner expansion in 1997 showed a clever combination of chess and netspace, so I put that in every deck.layer-49

Hyperdrive from South Park: Phone Destroyer should elicit interest for its Flash-y art, and even for its powerful promise of doubling the allies’ speed for six seconds.

SPPD players suss early the faster, the better — that the producers don’t state a character’s speed on the cards is a disservice. To double the team’s speed is a potentiol game-changer.

107The first thing I tried was to gather the assassins and speedy fighters — in basketball parlance, I tried to run the enemies out of the gym. But that idea died in short time — the delicate assassins can get pounded before they can form a skirmish line, and they’re too easily picked off by rangers.

I reduced the breadth of the search. Instead of plotting for Hyperdrive to power a swarm, which single unit stands to gain the most from a surge of energy?

The answer has to be Mimsy.

Mimsy has one job: to lumber toward the enemy new kid, and survive long enough to slowly land some powerful punches. Barrel Dougie hopes to sneak behind; Mimsy hopes to rumble through.

Against an energy-depleted new kid with troops diverted, Mimsy is a serious threat; but if the enemy kid has the resources to surround Mimsy, the mob soon transitions from defense to offense.

Mimsy on Hyperdrive as an early salvo is a bad idea. Mimsy might strike twice as many blows, but after the enemy gang knocks him down, New Kid hasn’t recharged sufficiently to stand the counterpush.

The usual scene for Mimsy is in a balanced deck, with one or two gangfights going on around him, when he can wobble forward relatively unscathed. That shouldn’t change, seemingly.

In a most recent case in which our Nelly battled their Nelly one step from their New Kid, then Hyperdrive fueled Mimsy *and* the whirling dervish Nelly, the result was devastating.

The successful effect of Hyperdrive plus Mimsy is like Iron Man in the Hulkbuster suit.

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