Accused of cheating after playing only well enough

      RYUGA__S: your fide rating is 1700??
      RYUGA__S: nice way to create a new account and play with engines… good job…
      RYUGA__S:Get banned soon buddy…

      My FIDE rating is 1703, but that seems like a number better expressed rounded down.
      The thing about over-the-board ratings is that they apply to games that are scheduled in advance. I’ve been a patzer in morning rounds my whole life, and if I’m not in fair health, I’ll play like a 1700 in evening rounds, too. Online chess is a different story. I feel best between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., and I don’t have to play when I don’t feel up to playing.
      It’s always good to be accused of cheating. In that moment of defeat, your opponent thinks you played as well as a computer, so thanks, dude, but I merely made the next-to-last mistake.

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