A First Book of Morphy to be translated into French and Spanish, so here’s that missing text

      Chess teachers in Mexico and Canada asked if they could translate A First Book of Morphy for their students. Yeah, OK, I said.
      For as long as I’ve been assigning that book as homework, I’ve said “find the mistakes in it,” of which there are many. One, you know you’re working hard at reading a chess book when you find the mistakes. Two, I wanted to incorporate their fixes in a revised edition.
      Not one student has come back with: “Page 122 seems to be missing something”.
      Adobe builds a “windowshade” metaphor into the UI for InDesign (and its predecessor PageMaker, which I used for A First Book of Morphy). Text and images flow into containers on a page that the designer can pull open or closed like a windowshade. The handles of those windowshades are marked if there’s text or pictures hiding, and when I compiled the production version of that book, I didn’t see the mark on Page 122 denoting ‘there’s stuff in this windowshade; maybe you’d better pull it open’.

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