Technical difficulties isn’t using enough HTTPS, said the webhost. While my friend and I went about correcting that, we broke everything else, until restored from Wednesday’s backup.

      I have three or four days of entries to put back up, but instead, I’ll take this is a sign that updating daily isn’t something I should kill myself over.

      Koltanowski maintained his daily San Francisco Chronicle column for 50 years. Yeah, some of them were just puzzles, but holy shit. I made 40 blog posts in 40 days, and in a few cases raced to finish by midnight — the kind of deadline stress I haven’t felt since my newspaper days.

      I had a pile of content I’d already written, so I thought daily updates would be easy, but I find that PGN and HTML are markup languages at odds with each other, while WordPress’ editing tools are for the most simple-minded, which can be a pain in the ass for the less simple-minded.

      Whether you call it technical difficulties, or a sealed move envelope — you have to be a very old chessplayer to know that term — I’m taking a night off.

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